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Ex-Dividend Date Capitalization of Retained Earnings (NT$/Share)

Capitalization of Capital

Reserves (NT$/Share)

Ex-Rights Date Ex-Rights Reference Price. (NT$)
107 1.5 8/22/108 0 0 - - 6/12/108
106 1.1 8/23/107 0 0 - - 6/13/107
105 1 8/24/106 0 0 - - 6/14/106
104 1 8/31/105 0 0 - - 6/16/105
103 0.9 8/27/104 0 0 - - 6/11/104
102 0.4 8/27/103 0 0 - - 6/10/103
101 0.5 8/29/102 0 0 - - 6/11/102
100 0.5 8/16/101 0 0 - - 6/12/101
99 0.8 9/14/100 0 0 - - 6/17/100
98 1 9/17/99 0 0 - - 6/01/99
97 0.8 8/24/98 0.2 0 8/24/98 12.65 6/19/98
96 1 9/09/97 0.4 0 9/09/97 12.35 6/13/97
95 1.28 8/23/96 0.32 0 8/23/96 20.45 6/15/96
94 1.4 8/16/95 0.75 0 8/16/95 24.15 6/15/95
93 2.527 7/29/94 1.0108 0 7/29/94 33.4 6/14/94
92 2.5 7/23/93 1.5 0 7/23/93 40.90 6/15/93
91 4 8/20/92 0.4 0 8/20/92 63.50 6/6/92
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Financial Reports

Consolidated Financial Statements
2019 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2019 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2019 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2019 First Quarter PDF 電子檔
2018 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2018 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2018 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2018 First Quarter PDF 電子檔
2017 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2017 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2017 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2017 First Quarter PDF 電子檔
2016 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2016 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2016 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2016 First Quarter PDF 電子檔
2015 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2015 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2015 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2015 First Quarter PDF 電子檔
2014 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2014 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2014 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2014 First Quarter PDF 電子檔
2013 Yearly PDF 電子檔
2013 Nine Months PDF 電子檔
2013 Six Months PDF 電子檔
2013 First Quarter PDF 電子檔


Unconsolidated Financial Statements
2019 PDF 電子檔
2018 PDF 電子檔
2017 PDF 電子檔
2016 PDF 電子檔
2015 PDF 電子檔
2014 PDF 電子檔
2013 PDF 電子檔

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Company Code : 6227


Organization and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board's responsibilities include: supervising the achievement of annual objectives and the promotion of operating performance, providing strategies and guidance for the operating team, and supervising the abidance of each law and regulation to ensure shareholders' maximum interests. In addition to supervising business implementation, the Board is also in charge of inspection and examination of financial statements and the implementation of internal control systems. All supervisors must attend board meetings to observe operation and express their statements, so that the Board may catch or find unusual conditions immediately.

Organization and Responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee of Galaxy is a functional committee under the Board of Directors. The remuneration committee members shall be appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors. There are three members in the Committee, one of whom is the convener. Their main responsibilities are, based on professional and independent status, to evaluate the remuneration policies and systems for the directors, supervisors, and managers, and, according to operating performance, provide recommendations for the Board of Directors as a reference for their decisions.

Material Information

Taiwan Stock Exchange stock code : 6227


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Corporate Governance

Major Policies
Article of Incorporation PDF 電子檔
Rules and Procedures of Board of Director Meetings PDF 電子檔
Rules for Election of Directors and Supervisors PDF 電子檔
Compensation Committee Charter PDF 電子檔
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets PDF 電子檔
Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties PDF 電子檔
Procedures for Endorsement & Guarantee PDF 電子檔
Polices and Procedures for Financial Derivatives Transactions PDF 電子檔
Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles PDF 電子檔
Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles PDF 電子檔

Shareholders’ Meeting & List of Major Shareholders

Year Annual Reports Meeting Notice Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes List of Major Shareholders
2019年 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔
2018年 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔 PDF 電子檔

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The purpose of internal audits is to assist the Board of Directors and managers in inspecting and reviewing defects in the internal control systems, measure operational effectiveness and efficiency, and to make timely recommendations for improvements to ensure the sustained operating effectiveness of the systems and to provide a basis for review and correction.

The Department shall implement the annual audit plan, passed by the Board of Directors, auditing the scope that covers all operations of Galaxy and each subsidiary company. The Department shall also implement special audit plans separately based on actual needs. After implementing each audit plan, the Department shall present the written audit reports and follow-up reports, and submit them for review by supervisors before the prescribed statutory limitations. If internal auditors discovering any material violation or any likelihood of material damage to the company shall promptly prepare and present a report and notify the supervisors. When deal with the preceding conditions, it shall simultaneously submit the materials or notification to the independent directors. The officer of the Department shall attend and deliver a report on the progress of each audit plan to a regular board meeting.

The Department shall review self-inspections of its internal control systems in all internal units and subsidiaries. The Department shall also evaluate and review the implementation of each self-inspection in order to ensure their quality. Moreover, the Department shall collect, organize, and submit all self-inspection reports, together with reports on the correction of defects and irregularities of internal control systems discovered by its internal audit departments, to serve as the primary basis for the Board of Directors and General Manager to evaluate the overall efficacy of all internal control systems and to produce Internal Control System Statements. Before the prescribed statutory limitations, shall submit Internal Control System Statements to the Board of Directors for approval, as well as to the competent authority to publicly announce and report the Internal Control System Statement.

At Macnica Galaxy Inc. , the Internal Audit Department (referred to as "the Department" hereunder) is an independent unit under the Board of Directors. There are one full-time auditors in the unit, including the Internal Auditing Officer.


Stakeholder Identification

The major stakeholders of Galaxy consist of the investors/shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government institutions/competent authorities.

Communication and Relationship Management with Stakeholders

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, Galaxy shall pay attention to stakeholder rights and interests. In addition to the pursuit of sustainable operation and profit, we also take care of environmental, social, and company governance issues. Moreover, we include these issues in all management policies and operational activities for sustainable operations.

Through the following platform, which maintains excellent relations and communication with stakeholders, Galaxy can gather their expectations and demands. Whether external or internal issues, such as the economic, social, or environmental questions, complaints, or suggestions, we will handle them appropriately based on our good-faith principle and provide feedback or improvement solutions for effective communication.

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