Stratix IV H40 ASIC Prototyping Board

Stratix IV H40 ASIC Prototyping Board


(Item No: EK4SEH40)

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This Development board has been designed for the IC R&D verification application. It may be used to support the FPGA components of the Altera Stratix IV family E series. The highest specification of FPGA EP4SE820H40 provides the IC designs with maximum capacity of 813,050 ELEs (Equivalent Logical Elements), 23,130,000 bits embedded memories and maximum 960 available I/Os. If the now available maximum capacity of FPGA in the industry may not satisfy its design demands, one may use the Development board by implementing stacking method to expand its usable logical capacity.


  • GFEC Stratix IV Development Board x 1 piece
  • ADAPTER x 1 piece(Power Adaptor of AC 110V/220V to DC 12V/5A)
  • GFEC USB Download Cable x 1
  • DVD
  • GFEC Stratix IV Development Board Dedicated Connectors x 4
  • GFEC Stratix IV Development Board Dedicated Heat Sink x 1
  • GFEC Stratix IV Development Board Dedicated Pincher x 1
  • GFEC Stratix IV Auxiliary Tool for Development Board Dedicated Pincher x 1


  • Altera Stratix IV Family FineLine BGA 1517 pin Package Device (EP4SE530 to EP4SE820)
  • Altera Serial Configuration Device EPCS128
  • 2 UART Serial Communication Port
  • Oscillator Socket
  • Up to 757 In/Out Pin (With I/O Protection b buffer) 
  • 1 Mictor Connector
  • Power System For Altera device (0.9V/3.3V/2.5V)
  • Heat Sink Fan
  • JTAG Port Connector
  • AS Port Connector
  • Battery Input for Stratix IV Security System

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