Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., LTD. (REDC) offers safe and trusted high-performance CMOS analog devices developed by using our unique manufacturing process and circuitry technologies as well as the latest mounting technology. We promise that our devices can contribute to creating power-saving, small-sizing, high-precision and high-reliability products.

Featured Products

Power Management ICs (Consumer Industrial Automotive)

  • LDO Regulators (Linear Regulators)
  • Reset ICs (Voltage Detectors)
  • Watchdog Timers (WDT)
  • Reset Timer ICs
  • DCDC Converters (Switching Regulators)
  • LED Controllers
  • Switch ICs

Multi-Channel Power Management ICs

  • Multi-Channel LDO Regulators
  • Multi-Channel DCDC Converters
  • Multi-Channel Power Management ICs (LDO,VD,DCDC,WDT)
  • Multiple-PMU (Power Management Unit)

Li-ion Battery Protection ICs

  • 1-Cell Li-ion Battery Protection ICs
  • 2-Cell Li-ion Battery Protection ICs
  • Multi-Cell Li-ion Battery Protection ICs
  • Second Protection ICs
  • Analog Front-End ICs (AFE

Real Time Clock ICs (RTC)

  • 4-wire Serial Interface (SPI Bus)
  • 3-wire Serial Interface
  • 2-wire Serial Interface (I2C Bus)

Mixed Signal ICs

USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller ICs

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