New Calxeda EnergyCore Firmware Available: Version 2.1.5

New Calxeda EnergyCore Firmware Available: Version 2.1.5

Calxeda is proud to announce firmware release 2.1.5, our first firmware release in support of production-ready EnergyCards and System Boards.

Highlights and new features of this release.

  • 1.4GHz/DDR3L-1333 EnergyCard Available: This release supports the EnergyCore SoC running at 1.4Ghz core frequency with DDR speed of 1333 on a newly available EnergyCard, which can be ordered using part number RB101A004-4414N (does not include memory). 

    The 1.1/1066 EnergyCard also remains available as well. Note that the 1.1/1066 EnergyCard will remain at 1.1/1066 after firmware is updated.

  • Link Resiliency: This new feature of the fabric software offers power savings through disablement of non-essential links in the fabric. Three link resilience settings provide the user option of leaving all links enabled, disabling only inactive links, or disabling both inactive links and redundant links. For detailed information about configuring the various levels of link resiliency, refer to Fabric-driven Power Management Options in the System User's Guide.

If you have questions about the upgrade process, please contact